Today we are reviewing the “Tasty popcorn popper”. It requires NO oil or butter to pop. We enjoy a nice bowl of fresh popcorn in the evening before bed; however we do not enjoy all the fat, salt and calories that you get when you eat conventional popcorn popped on the stove are the stuff hidden inside the bagged popcorn either you do not read or can not pronounce.

We have popped stove top and emptied bag popcorn into it and it popped both with NO oil. it does have a dispenser in the lid if you wish to have melted butter drizzled over your popcorn as it pops. But if you do we recommend you use an unsalted butter. It also comes with thorough use and care instructions as well as a website you can visit for seasoning ideas.

If you have tried the “Tasty Popcorn Popper” we would like to hear about your experience. You can also see our video on You Tube at “Healthy Eats 4 U”.  Thank you and God bless.